We are thinkers and tinkerers who love to learn. discover. build. collaborate. have fun.

We Scale Big

At The Workshop, we develop scalable products that reach hundreds of thousands of users daily.


Daily Users


Operations per Second


Daily Code Commits


Daily Software Deployments

Something For Everyone

Our Inventors apply their technical know-how and development skills to build products that answer to a number of different user needs, market spaces and functionalities.

Betting Platforms

Enterprise Solutions

Casino Games

Our Engineering Outlook

We adhere to industry-wide best practices that allow us to build high-quality custom code that is scalable, clean and high-performance.

Clean Code

We write each line with purpose and care, keeping all our code simple and orderly, and making it easy to maintain and understand.

Continuous Delivery

Every change we make is prepared to be safely released into production thanks to the automated tests in our pipelines. This allows us to deliver value in a quick and sustainable way.

Collective Ownership

Our code is peer-reviewed and uses best practices and development standards to ensure consistency amongst teams. Our teams work together for the mutual benefit of all, allowing us to amplify learning and spread knowledge.

Incremental Improvements

Using CI methodologies helps us write better code that is more sustainable and easier to integrate. This reduces the risks involved in developing software.

Quality Focus

We follow the pyramid strategy and automate tests for all of our software products. This allows us to specialise in preventing defects rather than fixing them.

Agile Methodologies

We follow agile and lean principles to satisfy our customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. These methodologies allow us to build and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Tech

We are focused on using secure and scalable technologies that will stand the test of time. These are some of the solutions that we specialise in:

Elastic search
Open source