The career-boosting power of our Talent Competency Framework

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Research shows that only 29% of companies have a career development model in place, with the majority revolving around a basic pay band structure. However, employee tenure is proven to increase by as much as 250%, on average, in companies with such models in place. The implication is clear: to remain competitive, modern organisations should be prioritising custom-built career development models. Likewise, individual candidates dedicated to fulfilling their true potential should target companies with models and tools already in place.

At The Workshop, we believe organisational growth goes hand in hand with individual development. By supporting the personal progress of every employee, our teams grow stronger and the entire business is better able to thrive. But in a dynamic, modern workplace, a traditional career ladder isn’t enough. That’s why we created our bespoke career development model: the Talent Competency Framework. 

How the framework was built

Starting in April 2021, this huge collaborative effort was spearheaded by Senior Talent Development & Engagement Consultant, Raj Khemlani. With the involvement of our Senior Leadership Team, Learning Team, Talent Development & Engagement Team and subject matter experts from across several departments, the Talent Competency Framework began to take shape. Incorporating input from across the organisation, as well as research into existing rubrics (e.g. the SFIA), we outlined a unique “career lattice” model that clarifies job levels while accommodating multiple pathways to progression.

For each department, seven distinct job levels have been identified along two possible tracks: Management and Professional (area expertise). For each level, knowledge, skills, proficiencies and competencies are clearly defined, and the structure makes it possible for employees to transition between management and professional tracks.

The design of the Talent Competency Framework makes it possible for every employee, from entry-level to executive, to pinpoint and understand their location within the model. 

Organisational resilience

From an organisational perspective, the benefits of building a career development model are clear: it supports workforce growth and planning, helps HR identify areas for improvement and has been proven to boost overall employee motivation.

By tapping into our Talent Competency Framework, it’s easier take the pulse of our organisation, uncovering areas of focus for training and recruitment. And by clarifying competencies, we’re able to place each employee within a broader organisational map, making future planning more manageable and effective.

Team Growth

The team-level benefits of a bespoke talent framework are significant. The model provides a touchstone for both employees and managers, encouraging and enabling important conversations around project ownership, competency development and even team dynamics. Our Senior Partnership Manager, Stephanie Hillebrand, had this to say:

Concious career development

At The Workshop, we want every employee to become “CEO of their career,” confidently navigating their personal development to reach their greatest potential. And helping employees achieve this is at the heart of the Talent Competency Framework.

By demystifying the paths to progression (and offering supporting mentorship and training schemes), the framework supports conscious career development. Employees are able to take ownership of their progress and plan for the long-term. Practically, the model also provides a basis to open discussions with direct managers regarding compensation, promotion and ownership.

Here's what Senior Project Manager Rachel Kenney had to say:

Moving forward

Since launching the Talent Competency Framework, our teams have experienced the value that a bespoke career development tool adds at every level of the organisation. We’re eager to see how the model evolves from here, and how our people thrive as a result.

At The Workshop, it’s not about how it starts. It’s not about how it ends. It’s about how it progresses.

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