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Alicia, Software Engineer

A month and a half ago, we started a Technical Reading Club at The Workshop.

To understand the benefits this new learning experience brings us, we asked our members to define what the reading club means to them in one word or phrase, and here is what they had to say:

  • “Learning”
  • "A way to meet with other colleagues and share reading hobby"
  • "A shared space where theory intertwines with experience"
  • “Rediscovery”

 Big Words: Share, Learning, Rediscovery. And there is so much more to it:

  • It encourages you to read books, articles, blogs that are related to your profession and discover new authors and topics that you might not know otherwise
  • You meet people within your company that you wouldn’t do in other circumstances
  • You learn a lot by listening to other points of view, the experience is much more enriching
  • A community is created with the desire to do things better and apply everything we learn
  • You will improve your reading and speaking comprehension thanks to the debates.

Every single member can propose books, papers and videos of their interest. We're not attached to books exclusively, even though this gathering started being a reading club.

Every piece of information that has some technical relevance is more than welcome!

So, as a first step, we took the initiative to publish a list of known technical books and invited our colleagues to vote on what they would like to read and discuss. The chosen one was a classic in the sector: Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Since then, we've been having weekly meetings every Thursday where we've been discussing "Clean Code" by R.C. Martin. A very inclusive environment has been created where each person can contribute their point of view with complete confidence and very interesting debates arised. We may even do several sessions with the same chapter because there are many points we want to talk about.

We are happy to welcome new Inventors to the club. Check out the job openings on our Careers page and join our team!

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