Director of Software Development

What are you looking for in a Front End Developer?

Our Front End Developers work on the user-facing side of our clients’ sites. So quality and attention to detail are key aspects in our delivery. We’re looking for experienced developers that take pride in what they do, with an attitude towards continuous improvement and problem solving. Also, an ability to handle pressure and work autonomously to achieve common goals with the team.

What can they expect to work on?

Our team develops responsive websites for our clients supporting all the different delivery channels – desktop, tablet, mobile and everything in between. Our Front End Developers contribute both to the core capabilities of the sites, such as navigation, themes and performance, as well as to the feature set of our web platform, with capabilities like search, widgets and personalisation. But they won’t be working in isolation. We’re a very collaborative team and that’s one of our key strengths.

So, there’s a lot of teamwork involved?

Yes. Our Front End Developers sit along with the rest of Websites Developers and QA Engineers and work together in small squads that confirm the Team. New capabilities get built as a result of close collaboration between all skill sets to develop new features, making sure that they’re problem-free and scalable. It’s a great environment because everyone can turn to the person next to them and solve any problem face to face, rather than send emails and chats or make phone calls. And they can also see the results of both their work and their teammates’ first hand.

What’s the coolest thing about working at The Workshop? 

We’re a very dynamic environment. Projects don’t get stuck in the pipeline and we don’t get stuck on projects. Everything keeps moving. And we’re experimenting and trying new things all the time. So it’s a really fun, creative space to work in.