Head of Business Analysis

What do you do at The Workshop?

I look after our business analysis function. So that’s everything from project governance to writing MVP definitions for big programmes of work. I also coach and mentor the business analysis team.

What are you looking for in a Business Analyst?

Someone who’s analytical, detail-orientated and passionate about working with others to build the best products.

They’ll act as a bridge between our product and technical teams, so we’re looking for a great communicator and collaborator.

What can they expect to work on?

Our Business Analysts are more than facilitators—they’re responsible for discovering the entire scope of a project.

The incoming person will interact with all teams in the product lifecycle to gather and capture business needs. Based on these conversations, they’ll produce Agile artefacts to help our product and technical teams deliver products. There will be plenty of stakeholder management, as well as opportunities to deliver demos and training to our clients.

What makes you tick?

I love maths and doing puzzles. My role involves putting all the parts together, so it’s like one big puzzle. It’s fun and it’s the same as what I do in my free time, only with tech programmes!

How is The Workshop different from your previous companies?

I get more time to focus on developing people. 70% of my work has involved building a business analysis framework, which outside roles, processes, tools and techniques, included introducing training and personal development. It had to be tailored to The Workshop, so it’s not something I could take from outside and plug in. Since arriving, I’ve been given the time to build an effective business analysis function.